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About Structural Systems

Structural Systems is an Adelaide-based consulting engineering company delivering world-class projects across the full scope of structural and civil disciplines. Offering a unique and innovative service since 1988, we are a team who work seamlessly with our clients to ensure attention to detail from start to finish.

With a focus on delivering high quality outcomes for our clients, we are committed to providing the best engineering solutions, state-of-the-art design advice and technical expertise across all relevant regulations. All works under our control are coordinated with and complimentary to that of other project team members.

Our fields of operation include the following:


We have worked with some of the largest commercial developers and property owners on a diverse range of projects from small to over 18 storey residential developments.


We offer civil and structural engineering design services to a widespread range of industries, Food Processing, Manufacturing, Recycling, Storage and Distribution, and much much more.


Some exciting projects have evolved whilst working in the public sector for infrastructure projects such as schools, retirement communities Australia wide.


Our close working relationship with various architects, builders and developers allow us to provide the engineering services needed to deliver small, medium and large-scale residential developments, from a single house to multi-dwelling sites and high rise residential developments.


The portable dwellings for the many mining sites across Australia is an area we have been involved with for over a decade, designed to address the extreme Australian conditions our beautiful country using innovative processes for repetitive use.

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